Fast Cheap Viral

Fast Cheap and Viral

Just finished reading this book after a long time, It has been a while since I read any book cover to cover. In recent times, I was only buying technical books and they mostly serve as a reference, and never needed to turn them page by page.

But this book is about content creation and marketing by an Indian author Ashish Chopra, It was an easy read, filled with lot of interesting experiences and ideas author encountered in his job as a content marketer. Author being an Indian the writing felt like talking to someone you know very well, and finished it in two sittings over a weekend.

If you are in the market for a while, you may have seen some of these ideas in play. You might even feel like ‘yeah I know this already!’. What separates this book from others is, the author comes up with a framework starting from ideation, production and to distribution.

I’ll give you a glimpse on the ideation part, the author suggests to come up with hundreds of ideas and then to distil them through following lenses to produce content that clicks with the consumer.

Content that is:

  • Inspirational
  • Useful
  • Celebrates life
  • Topical
  • Changes the world

And you can read more about it in the book. Author also discusses on different aspects of making the content go viral.

For me biggest takeaways were not what was explicitly told, but nuggets of wisdom found in unexpected places.

  • From being laid off to personal branding
  • Building trust among user’s to aligning Brand’s DNA
  • Asking his Lead for a DSLR to performance discussions

It’s such humane experiences found in the pages, that got me hooked from cover to cover.

If you are a content creator, or aspiring to be one, this book is worth reading!

Next one up in the list is ‘Skip the line by James Altucher’ see you there.